William leads Club World Championship Dream Team


From left to right: Artem Volvich (Zenit Kazan), Pablo Crer (Bolívar), Wilfredo León (Zenit Kazan), Yoandy Leal (Sada Cruzeiro), Sergio Nogueira (Sada Cruzeiro), Evandro Guerra (Sada Cruzeiro), Simone Giannelli (Trentino), William Arjona (Sada Cruzeiro)

Betim, Brazil, October 23, 2016 - After being crowned Olympic champion at the Rio 2016 Games with Brazil, setter William Arjona wrapped up an amazing year with the Most Valuable Player award earned at the FIVB Volleyball Men’s Club World Championship, after Cruzeiro’s stunning win over Zenit Kazan.

“The Wizard” not only successfully handled the offensive structure of the champion team, but also shone at key moments of the tournament with surprising and extremely talented plays. However, for William the crowning glory was the world title: “The MVP award is a very nice distinction, but to be a World Champion for the third time and with the same team is just as fabulous.”

“These awards are not among my goals, to be honest. Sometimes good things just happen. And an award like this needs good performances on the rest of the team, the receivers and the attackers too. So this happens when the whole team does well. It’s something to be very happy about and to enjoy”, he completed, right in the middle of Cruzeiro’s celebration with Betim fans.

2016 FIVB Men's Club World Championship Dream Team:
- Setter: Simone Giannelli (Italy), Diatec Trentino
- Opposite: Evandro Guerra (Brazil), Sada Cruzeiro
- Outside hitters: Yoandy Leal (Cuba), Sada Cruzeiro & Wilfredo León (Cuba), Zenit Kazan
- Middle blockers: Pablo Crer (Argentina), Personal Bolívar & Artem Volvich (Russia), Zenit Kazan
- Libero: Sergio Nogueira (Brazil), Sada Cruzeiro
- MVP: William Arjona (Brazil), Sada Cruzeiro

FIVB Volleyball Men's Club World Championship Betim 2016 - Teams    


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