Wilfredo León praises the “step ahead” taken by Zenit Kazan


León declared as well what "an honour" is to be among the best teams of the world in Betim

Betim, Brazil, October 21, 2016 - On his second time at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship, Cuban star Wilfredo León underlined the plan for Russia’s Zenit Kazan is to be progressive, game after game. Nonetheless, he also added they are working to do better than 2015, when they finished as vice-champions.

Cheng Ke-Chou, Taichung Bank coach: “This was the first time we met this kind of high-level competitors. It has been a great time for us here; now we can go back to Asia with new experiences in our backs. We had a hard time facing these teams particularly on the physical department, as they have a very high reach at spiking and blocking. We have a good defence, we did so even at this match, but it’s extremely hard to keep on doing that against those powerful spikes.”

Wilfredo León, Zenit Kazan player: “I have already mentioned our idea was to go step by step. Well, this was a step ahead - entering the semifinals. After last year’s silver medal, we are working to improve that final position. It’s an honour to be here and we want to be the best team of the world.”

“We know that Trentino might be our next rival, and they’re a team that plays as fast as Taichung Bank, but much higher. That’s why I say every rival gives you something positive and something to work on. After this game, I think we need to have more solutions on blocking and defence, to counter that fast way of playing.”

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