Four marks for the books set by Cruzeiro on their path towards semifinals


Massive performance for Sada Cruzeiro over Taichung Bank with two all-time records and other two also making the books

Betim, Brazil, October 22, 2016 - Before diving into the two splendid semifinal games of FIVB Men’s Club World Championship, the competition’s archives needs to be rewritten as Sada Cruzeiro delivered two new records and equaled two other previous marks, all of them at the same pool play match against Taichung Bank from Chinese Taipei.

The 3-0 win crafted by Cruzeiro at their competition premiere was the quickest match at Men’s Club World Champs with the lowest scores ever, with a total of 114 points played in only 54 minutes.

Previously, the shortest game was a 3-0 victory of Italian powerhouse Trentino over Tunisia’s Esperance in Belo Horizonte 2014 that lasted three more minutes than the new set record. In terms of scores, the title used to belong to Zenit Kazan from Russia, as they had pulled out twice the same number - 117 points against Zamalek from Egypt in 2009 and over Canada’s Trinity Western Spartans Vancouver two years later, both in Doha.

Two of the upper mentioned matches still hold a shared record which Cruzeiro also joined, thanks to the first act against Taichung Bank: the duration of 16 minutes as the quickest set, which Trentino and Kazan also achieved at the opening set, over Esperance and Trinity respectively.

Meanwhile, the same first set of Cruzeiro ended with a 25-10 score that matches the number settled by Polish Skra Belchatow over Egypt’s Al-Ahly in Doha 2010 as the lowest scoring set, becoming now a joint record.

And these four marks almost weren’t enough for them, as the defending champions in Betim were on the verge of reaching yet another record with their 11 service points against Taichung Bank, but they were short for just one smash. The current record remains at 12 aces established in 2011 at the Kazan v Vancouver game. 


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