Blocking machine of Zenit Kazan works at full power to cruise past Tala’ea El-Geish

Betim, Brazil, October 18, 2016 - With a crushing lead of 10-0 in stuff blocks, European champions Zenit Kazan from Russia dealt with debutants Tala’ea El-Geish from Egypt, winning 3-0 (25-14, 25-19, 25-15).

Kazan coach Vladimir Alekno made use of all of his players, saving energy for upcoming matches and allowing Maxim Mikhaylov to lead the way with 11 points earned in a bit more than two sets played. Teammate Wilfredo León fired 9 of his own, while Egyptian opposite Ahmed Abdelhay topped his side with 10 kills. 

From the very first set, Kazan showed it was more than a serious game for them, using León and Matt Anderson to subdue a scrappy African side. Middle-blockers Artem Volvich and Maxim Gutsalyuk took the stage for the final part of an easy 25-14.

However, Tala’ea El-Geish raised the bar next, as Abdelhay warmed up his left arm and kept scores a bit closer. It seemed that Kazan were meant to finish the game by a massive lead of 15 points in the third chapter, but a good serving streak by El-Geish’s Hassan narrowed the gap until the definitive 25-15. 


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