“We are only thinking about tomorrow” - UPCN’s Fabián Armoa


Fabián Armoa also complimented his team for the way they played a "vital" game

Betim, Brazil, October 18, 2016 - For Argentina’s UPCN, the win against Minas Tenis Clube was the solid first step they needed to dream with, once more, reach the final competition day at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship. However, coach Fabián Armoa stressed the next obstacle is already on their minds.

Flavio Gualberto, Minas Tenis Clube captain: “It wasn’t a typical game for us - we played way too accelerated, not thinking clearly. We are not like that. There’s no excuse for this defeat, but we gave them 15 points by unforced errors at a very close first set. We need to rethink about the way we played today, but we are young and we can bounce back from this.”

Nery Tambeiro, Minas Tenis Clube coach: “We just faced a team which reached the podium on the two last Club World Championship, a team which has won his local championship six times in a row. It’s the challenge these tournament puts ahead of you. We are still developing some young players; the whole team is under construction, so we still need more time.”

Javier Filardi, UPCN San Juan captain: “I’m happy not only because of the result but also about our output on all aspects of the game. It’s always important to start with the right foot and even better to do it in straight sets, as we have more resting time for tomorrow. We will be up against a well-known rival (Bolívar) and as we won, the responsibility is on their side now.”

Fabián Armoa, UPCN San Juan coach: “I’m pleased about my team, they did very well at a game we knew in advance it was vital for our planning. A wrong result would have made things much more complicated for the rest of the pool. Now we are only thinking about tomorrow.”
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