“The game was always in their hands”, admits Bolívar coach Javier Weber


Coach Javier Weber awarded compliments to Trentino for the pressure they applied on his team

Betim, Brazil, October 20, 2016 - Argentinean coach Weber gave credit to their opponents because of their performance on attacking and serving, while Trentino coach Angelo Lorenzetti, despite being happy for the win, showed some regret on letting go the second set. 

Leonardo Patti, Personal Bolívar captain: “Congratulations to Trentino, because they played a great game. We knew the kind of opponent we had against us; although we could have done better, they did forced us into many mistakes. Now it’s time to erase this match from our heads, as it depends on us to advance to semifinals.”

Javier Weber, Personal Bolívar coach: “Trentino played much better than us, they surpassed us on spiking and serving the whole match. We had our moment on the second set, with Ocampo serving, but the game was always in their hands. Trentino put a lot of pressure on us, we failed several attacks and serves and they deserved this win.”

Filippo Lanza, Diatec Trentino captain: “Thanks for the compliments and the same for Bolívar, they’re a good team. We had to win today, but we haven’t achieved anything yet because tomorrow we have a vital match for qualifying to the next round. We had to play this game at our 100% and we must do the same on the next. We want to be first ranked in our pool, so winning is our primary goal for tomorrow.”

Angelo Lorenzetti, Diatec Trentino coach: “This was a difficult match for us, so I’m pleased with the result. Unfortunately, we lost that second set, because if not we could have been qualified tomorrow with just one set. But it is what it is and it’s OK - tomorrow we will play a decisive match and of course we hope to advance to the semifinals.”

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