Taichung Bank motivated by a result of decades ago


The moment of happiness of Taichung Bank at FIVB Men's Club World Champs after defeating Tala'ea El-Geish

Betim, Brazil, October 20, 2016 - According to Taichung Bank coach Cheng Ke-Chou, the victory earned in 1991 World Champs by Chinese Taipei’s Taiwan Power over Tunisia’s Africain Tunis was the fuel for the team against Tala’ea El-Geish, as they wanted to emulate that positive and historical output.

Sherif Elshemerly, Tala’ea El-Geish coach: “I believe the reason of this result was that my players thought after the first set that this was an easy team. They got too relaxed and started making mistakes, spiking out of bounds. Asian volleyball is very dangerous; we have seen videos of this team making comebacks after being 2-1 down and winning the match.” 

“It’s simple - When you give them the chance to play, they improve. They might not have a high level of volleyball but they have a great attitude. The team has to learn to play at the maximum all the time, and that didn’t happen today. I can only wish Taichung good luck as they played to win. ”

Cheng Ke-Chou, Taichung Bank coach: “We began the match with some different starting players and that didn’t work. We tried then to make our block more active so we could defend better. In addition to that, we wanted to win the game very much, as 25 years ago the Chinese Taipei team had defeated their African rivals. We just felt we had to do the same.”

“Of course the match tomorrow (against Zenit Kazan of Russia) will be very difficult, but always the guys do their best. I don’t put pressure on them; I want them to play calmed and at the same time keeping their minds on the win.”

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