Taichung Bank are getting the best out of being on Club World Champs


Betim fans not only went for local players after Cruzeiro-Taichung game, as the Asian players also enjoyed the energy from the crowd

Betim, Brazil, October 18, 2016 - Despite suffering a wide loss on the hands of Sada Cruzeiro, Taichung Bank representatives stressed how they are enjoying their adventure at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship, facing the world’s best in Betim.

Chen Chien-Chen, Taichung Bank captain: “We are very happy to have the opportunity to play against top clubs from all over the world, as Sada Cruzeiro. We are enjoying our stay here and also enjoyed the game, in spite of the final result.”

Cheng Ke-Chou, Taichung Bank coach: “First of all, I would like to congratulate Sada Cruzeiro not only for the win, but also for their performance. There’s a big gap between the level in Asia and how they play in Europe or countries like Brazil, so we are learning from this experience and glad to be here.”

William Arjona, Sada Cruzeiro captain: “We have been watching Taichung Bank on some videos and they can do it better than today. We weren’t relaxed before playing against them - we were consistent, respected them and played at our maximum to win. We served very well, maybe we failed a little more than what we should but overall we did well, as we were supposed to.”

Marcelo Méndez, Sada Cruzeiro coach: “I agree with my captain - the team played well and had some very good runs from the service line. We also had a high side-out, which is something essential to win. It’s very important to begin every competition in the best possible way and be able to quickly think on the games to come.”
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