Seriousness and attitude, the keys of Kazan's win over Trentino


Zenit Kazan captain Andrey Ashchev pointed out they prepared a lot for the match against Trentino

Betim, Brazil, October 22, 2016 - Both captain Andrey Ashchev and coach Vladimir Alekno credited the way Zenit Kazan faced the semifinal match against Trentino: Very seriously and with a thorough preparation.

Angelo Lorenzetti, Diatec Trentino coach: “Congratulations to my colleague Alekno and to his players; they’re a very strong team. I’m satisfied with some things from my players, because they played a good game especially on the side-out. However, I’m not so satisfied with some other situations, two or three specific moments on the first two sets. We managed those moments badly and you cannot do that against a team like Kazan. I also consider we need to have a stronger service to face a team of this level.”

Andrey Ashchev, Zenit Kazan captain: “We were preparing a lot for this match, since the beginning of the tournament. We played it very seriously from the first point. That resulted in a very good match; I’m completely satisfied with the way we played and of course with the victory.”

Vladimir Alekno, Zenit Kazan coach: “I’m sitting now next to one of the best coaches in the world - Angelo Lorenzetti. I had the honour to face him many times and I’ve defeated Trentino before, but not a team from coach Lorenzetti. I’m pleased about having finally achieved that. As for the game, we could do what we planned and that’s also something to be satisfied about. I believe the best thing the players had today was their character, their winning attitude.”

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