Minas showed “positive things” according to coach Nery Tambeiro


Coach Tambeiro and captain Flávio were more satisfied with Minas' output against Trentino than the one on Tuesday

Betim, Brazil, October 19, 2016 - It’s never easy to deal with an experienced team as Trentino, but for Minas Tenis Clube head coach the team did a decent job, taking also into consideration the young age of the roster. Meanwhile, Trentino captain Lanza and coach Lorenzetti showed happiness as well as desire to improve.

Flavio Gualberto, Minas Tenis Clube captain: “They were superior than us. We could play at their level at several points of the game and that’s great for us, as Trentino have a lot of qualities and skills. We just failed on seizing some opportunities and that costed us the sets. Playing at this level, foolish mistakes are unacceptable and sometimes we did that. We might lack some experience and they clearly don’t.”

Nery Tambeiro, Minas Tenis Clube coach: “As our team is young, we are thinking on a long-term basis, not like Trentino which I believe have come to fight for gold. These are two very different stages of a team. Besides that, we could play much better today and the scores were clearly more leveled. We showed some positive things and that’s the good news for us. I’d like also to wish Trentino the best for the rest of the tournament.”

Filippo Lanza, Diatec Trentino captain: “We went out to play this game with courage and attitude, looking for the three points. It was important to forge a good win as this was our first game, to build up our morale and our chances. Although it was precisely Cruzeiro the team we defeated when we last won the championship, we are not thinking that now. We need to advance step by step and first of all reach the semifinals.”

Angelo Lorenzetti, Diatec Trentino coach: “This was my first match as coach at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship, so first of all I’m very happy. About the game, we were aware that finding a good pace was going to be difficult, because we played last weekend in Italy and then travelled here, so we were lacking rhythm, mainly on the side-out phase. Even happy as I am, I know we must improve if we want to be among the best teams of the tournament.”

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