Leonardo Patti: “This was like a gold medal match for us”


All joy for Bolívar captain Leonardo Patti after a well-earned win against Argentinean archrivals UPCN

Betim, Brazil, October 19, 2016 - While Bolívar captain Leonardo Patti declared to be “ecstatic” about the “superb level” of his side, coach Javier Weber stressed how the team believed on their style of play as the route to the victory over a classic rival from Argentina.

Javier Filardi, UPCN San Juan captain: “Congratulations to Bolívar as they played a good game. We couldn’t seize the advantages we created, giving away too many points at those moments. When you give your rival these opportunities, they make use of them. It’s time now for us to think on Friday game. If we play well, we can make it into semifinals.”

Fabián Armoa, UPCN San Juan coach: “My compliments to Bolívar team as well. We failed at every final track of a set, some of those errors were forced by them, but other were our own. There lies the close result and the reason of their victory. They did it better than us, they were more calmed and played better at the decisive parts of each set.”

Leonardo Patti, Personal Bolívar captain: “I’m ecstatic as the whole team played at a superb level. Of course we have things to improve, but it was our first match, against a great team and with some bad performances we had recently on our backs. We knew this was like a gold medal match for us and we played it that way. And I have to say I disagree with UPCN representatives - I think the key of the game wasn’t their mistakes, it was what we did right.”

Javier Weber, Personal Bolívar coach: “First of all, I’m very happy, because this was a highly important game for us, very emotional in many aspects. We come from a very bad tournament in Argentina last week and we needed to play like this against our archrival, a team very well formed and prepared. We worked well on counterattack and although we didn’t score that much, we were mentally strong to keep working the plays for a long time. We believed in our game and could reverse the uphill moments through it.”

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