“I’m proud of my team” - Bolívar coach Javier Weber


"We did it very well, matching the level of the European vice-champion" highlighted Weber

Betim, Brazil, October 23, 2016 - While the Argentinean coach also stressed “there’s nothing to regret”, Trentino’s Tine Urnaut underlined the good defensive abilities of his team in key moments of the game. That was also pointed out by Weber, who gave credit to the opponent when they had their chances.

Maximiliano Chirivino, Personal Bolívar player: “It’s hard for me to speak right now. We were so close to a medal… And it was gone because of two ball. We played with our heart and soul, we left everything on the court and it wasn’t enough. I honestly don’t know how I will feel tomorrow, proud or not, we all wanted this medal very bad. We played very good at the final set, and those two balls finished the game with a defeat for us.”

Javier Weber, Personal Bolívar coach: “We played a very good game. It was extremely close - the numbers of the sets are a clear proof of that. We did it very well, matching the level of the European vice-champion, and we even had our chances but we couldn’t close them, also due to good things they did. We played the game as we wanted; there’s nothing to regret about that. The whole tournament we were leveled against our rivals and we reached the Top 4 of the competition. I’m proud of my team; Bolívar proved to be among the best of the world.”

Tine Urnaut, Diatec Trentino player: “It was a really tough match. All the sets were extremely close; it was hard-fought even until the last point of the tie-breaker. We could win many important points, especially on the fifth set, with defence and also a bit of luck to come back after being two or three points out. We maintained our side-out and reached the final difference. Of course, it felt great to be the one that scored the last point, but the most important thing is that the team won this medal.”

Angelo Lorenzetti, Diatec Trentino coach: “It’s a very important result for us, because sometimes our history can become a problem. The last two days we couldn’t play as freely as we would have liked to. It was a problem, but today we could finish with this medal. We are third just behind Cruzeiro and Kazan, the two best teams of the world; although we know against Kazan we can do it better.”

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