First goal achieved for Trentino, says coach Angelo Lorenzetti


While happy, coach Lorenzetti still pointed out the strength of next rivals Zenit Kazan

Betim, Brazil, October 21, 2016 - While Trentino succeeded on their first objective and moved forward to face well-known European rivals Zenit Kazan, for Argentina’s UPCN it’s time to let go and look forward, according to coach Fabián Armoa.

Javier Filardi, UPCN San Juan captain: “Today we didn’t play well. We failed on decisive moments of the game. It’s a shame because I think we did play well on the first two matches, especially on attack, but today the team couldn’t do the same. And when you play bad, you just can’t win. It’s over for us, so I wish Bolívar good luck and hopefully they can win a medal, because to have an Argentinean team there is a good thing for the volleyball of the country.”

Fabián Armoa, UPCN San Juan coach: “We didn’t have the level of play we needed to win. It was a difficult match today, Trentino play some high-level volleyball, but still we managed to play a tight first set. After that, on the second one our defence was worse and we weren’t close to them. The game we needed to win was the one against Bolívar; today was harder, we played well at some moments and on other we let it go. But I’m going to shake this off and look forward; we have no regrets at all. We had a tough pool and this is a World Championship. It happens.”

Sebastián Solé, Diatec Trentino player: “Today we came out to be first ranked on our pool and be matched against Zenit Kazan. They’re far from being an easy team, but it’s the one we know the most, compared to Cruzeiro. We knew that two sets were enough, so that was the first goal and then we went for the game. And now, last time we played very well against Kazan at Champions League and they made a comeback in an awesome game. We know we have to take risks and try to make them play the kind of volleyball we want.”

Angelo Lorenzetti, Diatec Trentino coach: “We came to Belo Horizonte with one goal: make it into the semifinals. This was our objective from Day 1 and now it’s fulfilled. We know we will have a very strong team on the other side of the net now… Well, Kazan is Kazan. They’re a big thing. But now it’s time to be happy.”

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