A “legacy” left on young host team after Club World Championship


"This World Championship came up as something of great value for us", says Minas coach Nery Tambeiro

Betim, Brazil, October 21, 2016 - Minas Tenis Clube said goodbye to FIVB Men’s Club World Championship with their best performance of the tournament, proving the experience already earned in these days. Coach Nery Tambeiro underlined once more how good this adventure will be for a young team still building and developing.

Flavio Gualberto, Minas Tenis Clube captain: “We had a good first set, without making the errors of the previous games, but as the match advanced we unfortunately went back on doing just that and ended up losing it. This has to be a lesson for us, as now we have an important championship like Brazilian Superliga. We are a new team, we still have many ups and downs and that can’t happen. We must work on that.”

Nery Tambeiro, Minas Tenis Clube coach: “We knew that our pool was the most balanced of the two. We faced many difficulties, some we could deal with and some we couldn’t. However, this team was built thinking on our local championship, and then this World Championship came up as something of great value for us. We are not frustrated, we are not sorry; we are grateful for having faced these world-class teams and we know this experience is a legacy for the whole institution. We have learned; we have now parameters of what we need to do.”

Leonardo Patti, Personal Bolívar captain: “First of all, we’re happy for the victory. We achieved our first goal at the competition - win two out of our three matches. Now, all that we can do is waiting for the result of UPCN v Trentino. That’s something beyond what we can do. We didn’t start well, but we showed attitude to reverse the situation and finally reached a good level.”

Javier Weber, Personal Bolívar coach: “We were aware that Minas is a quality team, a young one but with a lot of potential. We knew they were going to play without any pressure and that got clear on the first set.  We couldn’t control them and it was a difficult time. We showed attitude and energy to come back to the game in a bad situation. We needed a 3-point win to hold on to our chances, we did it and now we will wait until 8 PM to see what happens.”

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